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Please remember to logout once you have finished using OASIS.  Additional User Tips coming soon.  Please see the Help Desk's website for User Manuals for the OASIS modules that you use.
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Staff access to MCPS computing networks and systems is provided for purposes consistent with the mission of MCPS. All users are required to abide by MCPS Regulation IGT-RA, User Responsibilities for Computer Systems, Electronic Information, and Network Security. As a result, each employee is responsible for any actions taken with their user ID and password. To ensure your user ID and password are protected, please remember—

1. Never share your password with anyone, including family members.
2. When your computer prompts you to save your password, click “No.”
3. If you suspect your password has been compromised, change it immediately and notify the Information Security Supervisor at 301-279-3158.
4. Always log off or lock your computer whenever it will be left unattended.